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Sri Lanka's is blessed with various awe-inspiring beaches, sceneries and tropical forests that allure an adventure lover to plan a vacation. The country is an adventure lover’s paradise, thus offering plethora of options like ballooning, cycling, water rafting, surfing, biking and many more. Absolutely safe for the junkies, this is a list that can be considered to make a Sri Lankan holiday more thrilling and energizing.

Ballooning in Sri Lanka Imagine flying under the blue sky and over the landscape and exploring the magnificent beauty of this island country…sounds captivating right? As the multi-coloured hot-air balloon drifts silently above the forest, adventure takes on a whole new meaning. Air Ballooning is an experience unlike traditional air travel, where u cannot feel movement and the silence is absolute.

Whale & Dolphin Watching Sri Lanka’s waters are home to blue whales, the largest animal in the world. Off Sri Lanka’s coast is the largest known pod of blue whales in the world, with over 1000 whales. In addition to whales, dolphin watching is also quite a popular activity here. Dolphins are playful and can be spotted swimming alongside boats, jumping out of the water and being playful.

Cycling & Mountain Biking The terrain throughout the country offers challenges for beginners and experts alike. There are many interesting trails across the country that will take you through scenic landscape of tea, rubber and spice plantations. The diverse land of Sri Lanka has something for everyone who wants to try this exhilarating activity of cycling and mountain biking.

White Water Rafting A challenging activity and an exhilarating water sport, White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka is a popular sport. Sri Lanka attracts a large number of tourists every year and tourism has become a very important source of income for the country. As a tropical island, Sri Lanka holds the reputation of one of the best beach holiday destination. The small town of Kitulgala in the hill country is the most famous place in Sri Lanka to do so.

Surfing The beautiful island country of Sri Lanka is home to friendly people and impressive landscapes. With a dominant tropical geographical condition, the country is also home to several stunning beaches, therefore, making it one of the best reliable surf destinations in the Indian Ocean. Surfing in Sri Lanka is altogether a different experience, with Surf Safaris in tuk tuks, fun waves along with delicious snacks to try out from.

Elephant Back Ride When talking about the wildlife of Sri Lanka, there is no better way to explore it than an Elephant Safari. A ride on this majestic beast is a thrilling experience. These Elephant Back Safaris not only make it possible to view wildlife from the back of an elephant, but perhaps more importantly, provide the unique opportunity to share a day in the life of an elephant.

Safari CampingCamping in Sri Lanka is the best experience one can have while being close to nature. The country welcomes you with its 22 National Parks, which are undoubtedly among the best in the world. Sri Lanka has almost every geographical feature one can possibly think of compared to its size.

Golfing Although, Sri Lanka is yet to make a mark in the field of Golf, but it is Home to three of the finest 18-hole Golf courses based in Colombo, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. These golf courses run through the lush forests and the ball flies with the green canopy in the backdrop. Enjoy the game in The Royal Colombo Golf Club, The Victoria Golf and Nuwara Eliya Golf Club respectively.

TrekkingBeing blessed with a wide range of terrains, Sri Lanka offers great opportunities for trekking and hiking. It is full of lush paddy fields, swaying tea plantations, spice gardens, dense forests and waterfalls. They send an open invitation to every trekking enthusiast to take back the unique experience of walking close to the beauty of nature. 

Kite Surfing A heaven for an adrenaline junkie, kite-surfing is just the perfect way to indulge in Sri Lanka. And Kalpitiya is the best place for it. Get strapped to a giant kite, dragged on a surfboard over the sea and fly by the wind. Major destinations for kite-surfing are Vellai Island, Mannar, Puttalam, Kappalady and Kalpitiya.

Bird WatchingHome to more than 400 bird species, the tropical climate and exotic landscape of Sri Lanka is perfect for Bird Watching. This is the reason; it attracts bird watchers from all over the world to its sanctuaries and wetlands. Colourful and tropical birds like Ceylon flycatcher, Green beater, eagles, woodpeckers and herons are a few of the delights that you can spot. Major bird sanctuaries in the island are Kumana National Park, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, the Bodhinagala Sanctuary and Udawatte Kele.

Stilt FishingOne of the oldest traditional fishing methods of Sri Lanka, stilt fishing is done on a vertical pole embedded on the sea floor. It is a very tough technique of sitting on a crossbar and the fishermen are at work from dawn to dusk catching fish. Places to witness such fishing are the southwest coastal towns Madu River, Koggala, Ahangama and Kaththaluwa. The fishermen here sit some meters over the water, so that they produce minimum shadow on the water and avoid any disturbance to the sea creatures.  

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